The Man With The Dirty Blond Hair Essay

1289 Words May 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Will our next president be the man with the dirty blond hair that’s all over social media memes for making weird faces in public? Or will it be the older looking man with the glasses known as Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump, the man with the dirty blond hair is among one of the top candidates for the 2016 presidency of the United States. He has associated himself as a republican and is known for his opposition to illegal immigration, which has caused a lot of dispute and protest about the topic on race and immigration in the United States. Donald Trump was born into a wealthy family. Throughout his political career Trump has made some proposes on how he could change the situation on immigration if he were nominated president. Trump claims that he is an advocate for people who don’t want to speak up on the topic of race and immigration. Most of his changes show little interest for modern day immigrants and can be insulting for some people. Along with his ideas he has gained new followers as well as lost some. He feels prejudice against illegal immigrants including children of immigrants, yet he too comes from a family of immigrants who he seems to be proud of. Donald Trump as a candidate could be trouble for America, because he is a paradoxical person. During the grand marshal of the annual German-American Steuben Parade in New York City, Donald Trump shared publically about his immigrant roots. He publically reminisced about how far his family has come from its European…

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