Donald Trump Discrimination

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The 2016 presidential election has very atrocious yet interesting candidates. It is currently between who would be the first Female, first Jewish, first Latino, first Canadian, or who could be America’s last president. It’s a first time for everything right, making history, unfortunately It doesn’t work that way. Everyone in the U.S is screwed if Donald Trump becomes president. This arrogant, ignorant, incompetent, pompous, ill minded republican runner up has been all over the news recently receiving an overwhelming amount of publicity. The same publicity that people feed off of. Although he might have the cash, he also has the worst campaign ever. His policies on race and immigration are none of which anyone would agree with. America is built …show more content…
To be racist he has to have some form of power, which in this case he does he can change America if he becomes president. An example of prejudice in his campaign, is that he said that Mexicans are drug dealers and therefore have high crime rates. The other hand, when he is being racist is when he building a wall blocking of Mexicans from entering America no matter if they are innocent or not. As opposed to our current president Barack Obama who believes that other countries are our friends, we have this man who goes off and says that every country outside of the US are our enemies. He even had people go and check if Obama was a native-born American, because Obama is African American. Thought that his comments are only toward Mexicans, nope they are towards African Americans too. Oh so “An extremely credible source” told him that Barack Obama is a fraud? “Least racist person” how about the time where he kicked a Muslim woman out of his rally when she wore a shirt that says “We come in peace”. The mindset of a racist person is no matter what the defendant says or does, he is never going to like them. Or when he started the ‘total and complete shutdown’ of Muslims in the US after a Muslim couple massacred 14 and left 21 wounded. Moving away from Mexicans and Muslims. Being Prejudiced and racist also means binding to stereotypes, exaggerated description applied to every person within the same category. Just

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