Essay on The Man Who Raised An Ant

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Once upon a time, there was an elephant who raised an ant as his daughter and taught her everything that she needed to know; such as how to walk, how to talk, and how to run. But one day, the elephant passed away. After a while, the ant saw a group of her sisters climbing the tree, but she could not do it herself, even though she was capable. She remembered the help of her father, and she thought that she couldn 't do it without his help. This is my story about my old man who raised me well. Thinking that I 'm going to be a successful person, I am sure that I would make him proud wherever he was. But how will I do it? A very simple question that will be answered shortly in my story.
In a beautiful night where the stars were shining away from the light of the city, my father once told me: " here son, take this lamp and light up." I couldn 't cause there was no source of fire. Then he said: " it 's only matter of time and this lamp will light by itself." In that time, I couldn 't understand the wisdom behind what he said. But now as an adult, I found that things can change by time for better with patient and motivation.
Developing a personality in this life can be hard sometimes. Especially, if a person had old standard basics that he needs to follow. For example, living with my parents all time would consider being a great value in our traditions. Taking care of your family, loving them as they getting old. It’s an authentic thing, for every home of our society to benefit…

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