Essay The Man On The Television Screen Is Jack Kevorkian

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The man on the television screen is Jack Kevorkian. Kevorkian was an advocate for physician-assisted suicide. He was known as “Dr. Death,” because he was a physician who assisted “one-hundred and thirty patients to their end.” Some viewed Kevorkian as a “hero” because he helped enforce the movement of physician-assisted suicide to become more relevant. His famous saying was “dying is not a crime,” and it is true because that’s all assisted suicide is; the patient dies, they are not being killed by anyone but themselves because they chose to, there is nothing more to it. The women, who is sitting down watching television, is saying “Physician-assisted suicide is just not natural,” but in my perspective the word “natural” contradicts her actions. The women seems like if she is “taking care” of the ill, old, man. She is obviously against physician-assisted suicide, but the fact that she is saying it is not “natural” contradicts what she is doing. The old man is hooked into a bunch of electrical cords and artificial air. She is saying physician-assisted suicide is “not natural” yet she thinks what is being done to the old man is? I do not see anything “natural” about being hooked onto wires and being trapped in a hospital room. The woman should consider physician-assisted suicide because the old man is not living comfortably; you can tell by the way his hands are holding on to the sheets, the unpleasant look on his face, and the man is ninety-two years old already. Since the…

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