The Man I Once Called Daddy Essay

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The man I once called Daddy
Most of my life I grew up in the heat of Mesa, Arizona. I lived with my mother, father and three sisters. We never had the nicest or newest things, my mother a beautiful, brown eyed woman with a pearly white smile, stayed home to look after us every day while my father went to work. Each day I would walk to school or ride the bus because my mother worked at an at home day care and my father was always absent. My dad always made me laugh as a little child, he was fun and loving and would do voices of cartoon characters that would make you drop to the floor laughing. My father who was a fun, handsome, loving guy slowly slipped away from me. I recall one day I ran home after a long day of school to find him gone. He changed his hours to working at nights resulting in him sleeping throughout the day, there would be no more bed time stories, songs or even cartoon voices. I went weeks without seeing my dad. I couldn’t saw him anymore, I craved attention but never received it. I remember one day as I began begging for my father to help me with my gymnastics he got upset and yelled at me because he was “too busy”. Often I would get yelled at for the little thing “why didn’t you put away your shoes, Don’t bug me while I am working” even before I knew it was a problem. Some days the yelling got bad and I would become frightened so I stopped asking and always tried to keep to myself. I would often have…

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