A Narrative Essay About Having A Father

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When I was little I didn 't think much of having a father. I thought some people had them and others didn 't. I never really connected that everyone was suppose to have a father. I never thought that someone was suppose to be there other than my mother. I knew that my cousin all had my uncle as a father and they were always happy. As i started to get older I started to ask my mom where my dad was. My mom would never actually answer the question she always said that he was somewhere else. I always wanted to know what it was like to have a father, someone who would love you, and care for you always. When my mom started dating someone and they got serious, so we moved in with him. He was nice to me at first and I liked him; that quickly changed. …show more content…
I couldn’t figure out how the person that was suppose to care about me the most didn 't want anything to do with me. How the one who was suppose to show me right from wrong said that I was wrong. I cried myself to sleep for a long time after that trying to fix what was wrong with me I thought that I was worthless, that if my own dad didn’t was worthless. Why else would my moms boyfriend be so mean to me. I eventually got over the letter put underneath my bed hidden out of sight and mind. A year later my mom left her boyfriend and took me to her husband 's house, the one she never divorced. When I was packing I found the letter and decided that this guy was going to be my dad if my real one didn’t want me. When I got there it felt as if I had a real dad he treated me great , didnt scare my friends or me. I was beyond happy. Then my mom moved us back to Illinois he came with us they then separated, I lost my dad again. Mom then got back together with her boyfriend from before. I couldn’t believe it she knew how I felt about it but my feelings didn 't matter he lived with us again.She then got pregnant and stayed with the guy who she had the baby with. I was furious that my little brother got a dad; a dad that I should have had myself. She stayed with the guy and I grew up wondering why, what was wrong with me that no person wanted me as their daughter. I watched my friends who had their dads and all I could do was become with my mom. That is why having a child when I grow up is one of my biggest fears. I know what it is like to be without a father, without the love that I should from a father. that is why when I grow up I will be sure that I will not do anything like my mom did. I’ll completely and if for some reason I would not be with the father I would be sure that my child has some sort of father in their life and by no means have someone in their life that makes them feel like they are worthless waste of space that shouldn 't be

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