The Mall Phenomenon

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Worth All the Time and Money? According to “The Mall Phenomenon,” the average person spends $330.82 in a shopping mall, which is an increase from past years where the average was $316.80. The article also claims that on average, a person will visit a mall 3.4 times per month and stay for 1 hour and 24 minutes. People tend to go to stores and spend time and money as a stress reliever, which can help and hurt you. In this essay, I will be talking about the “Grand Mall Seizure” along with “Champagne Taste, Beer Budget.” Another thing I will be talking about in this essay is which mall and what stores I spend most of my time and money in. The first essay is titled “Grand Mall Seizure,” written by Daniel Alarcon. Alarcon describes features of …show more content…
The design of the Mall of America is genius because it is only four floors but includes more than five hundred stores. The designers were smart by utilizing natural light throughout the mall. To me, seeing this type of light makes the mall feel more pleasant. Parking makes a difference and the engineers knew how to please the public; therefore, the mall is encompassed by four parking ramps with five floors each, making it easier for the customers to access their desired building. Including an amusement park in this state of the art shopping center was intelligent as children of all ages can enjoy the multiple types of indoor rides. When the children see Lego Land, right off the amusement park, they beg their parents to buy Legos to continue keeping them busy while shopping. The aquarium, Sea Life, is another wonderful attraction in the mall that draws people’s attention to come and visit MOA. Another way the mall intrigues people to visit is the movie theater that is located on the top floor. Again, one reason why I think that people keep coming back to the Mall of America is because you can get everything you want in one shot without leaving to go to multiple locations. People could spend a whole day at the Mall of America because they have a food court and numerous sit-down dining restaurants, which is nice for larger groups as well as some families. MOA is more than just a shopping mall; for example, this mall offers a work out session because the mall is 1.15 miles around one floor, so people walk around the mall for their daily exercise. The Mall of America provides church services, can hook people on buying items after church. This is a big help for the mall because they receive more sales on Sunday afternoons by offering these services. MOA is a large tourist attraction because of its sheer size, and Minnesota does not have tax on clothing, meaning customers are also attracted due to the cheaper prices

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