The Major Changes That American Education Essay

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Chapter one discusses the major changes that American education is facing regarding the language of its students. The change in major languages has sparked need for new teaching methods and styles. I think the increase of non-native speakers has improved American education. Having to make adjustments and changes requires teachers to reassess their teaching styles which is something that all educators should be actively doing.
Some educators do not like standardized testing but can see the positives and negatives associated with it. This is an area of American education that is changing, educators are making it more known that a lot of these standardized tests are directed toward native speakers. The standardized tests have very dramatic outcomes for schools that underperform; the amount of pressure schools face can sometimes be unfair. I think that there is a need for standards but there are other ways to ensure the standards get met aside from hurting teachers and students. I was surprised by how much pressure schools had been putting on my son for upcoming standardized tests when he went to a public school in Kansas City. I did not know that those schools receive funding based on how well students do on tests. I do not like this because it gives the students anxiety, my son did not want to go to school because he knew he would have a big test all day. I know that as a parent it is frustrating and I am sure it is frustrating as an educator as well.
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