The Major Causes And Consequences Of Global Climate Change

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Global Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest problems the world is coming up against right now. Its consequences on animals and on the crops we grow are without a doubt shocking, and the consequences on humans are even more alarming. The realities about climate change are frequently talked about in government and the news but, regrettably, even if people don 't always agree about the causes, climate change repercussions are true, worldwide, and significant. The causes are predominantly from humans, and the results on the inhabitants of earth will be very serious. Most of think that global climate change is relatively a new subject but, was first professed in the late 19th century by Svante Arrhenius. He was a Swedish scientist
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In today 's society humans have a great need for electricity. Without electricity or power, modern civilizations would collapse. People depend on electricity for everything. And every year new electronic gadgets come out. “43% of carbon dioxide emissions come from producing electricity.”(World Resource Institute) The burning of coal makes up 96% emissions from the electricity …show more content…
The need for products of wood and paper doesn 't seem to be slowing down. When we use the slash and burn method to level out forests, that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Killing and removing living trees from forest dwindles down the quantity of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is an important action that takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores it in plants. This is important because as mentioned before, carbon dioxide is one of the gasses factoring in global climate change. In addition to those causes, deforestation will also change the amount of water vapor is released into the air by changing how much the sun reflects on the earths

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