Pollution Essay: What´s Anthropogenic Climate Change?

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Anthropogenic climate change is a major issue in the world today, there are detrimental physical risks that will happen around the world if control is not taken by our citizens. Changes in our world such as sea level rising as a result of ice sheets melting, intense and extreme weather, destruction of marine food, changes in precipitation patterns, changes in ocean’s circulation and acidification. Climate change will also impact the water and energy scarcities and destroy living organisms, such as plants and animals and even human life. In order to understand the magnitude of the problem, we first have to understand what is anthropogenic climate change. Anthropogenic climate change occurs when the energy from the sun travels in form of short-wave intra-red radiation, …show more content…
Today’s technology uses three quarters of energy that comes from fossils fuels. Many countries’ financial stability relays in the investment of these technology products so they will argue global warming is not caused by humans. Global warning will cause for living organism animals and plants to not adapt to climate change causing them to dye. It is proven that Antarctica is is losing land ice at an accelerating rate, which causes seal level to rise, along with frequent weather change could result of destruction of ocean acidification, causing entire marine food chains to dye. Water vapor affects warming much the most because the rising of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Proponents are also concern with the impact on agriculture, in order for crops to grow, water and oxygen and right temperature is needed, because the temperature is changing due to global warming it will be too hot for food to

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