Human And Anthropogenic Causes: The Cause Of Climate Change

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This investigation is about the changes in climate and if human/anthropogenic causes are the reason for its change, and to what extent they are responsible. This is an issue because a change in climate has an immediate effect on every aspect of our lives. Due to this, it is critical that understand what effect we are having on the environment and to the future of life on earth.


The burning of Fossil Fuels plays a huge part in climate change. (Evans, McCann, & Morton, 2012) This is because the burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases contribute to the warming of the lower atmosphere and hence cause a change in climate. When gas, coal and oil are burned it releases a heat absorbing primary pollutant called carbon dioxide (CO2). Other greenhouse gases include Methane (CH4), Water vapor (H2O) and Nitrous oxide (N2O). (department of the environment, 2014) Carbon dioxide is classified as one of the main anthropogenic
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(Australian Academy of Science, 2015) Since then it has been seen that on average, 3.5 x 1013 kg of Carbon Dioxide is produced as a result of anthropogenic causes each decade. (Ocko, 2015) Compared to the 2.5×10 11 kg of CO2 produced by natural occurrences. (Kurdi, 2011)

Deforestation releases huge amounts of CO2. Removing forests for real estate for the ever-growing population has two major impacts. (Ocko, 2015)

Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and keep the carbon cycle balanced. (Australian Academy of Science, 2015) Removing them means there is less land fill and plants to absorb the emitted carbon dioxide and hence are left with excess in the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change. (Ocko, 2015)

A lot of machinery that is used to remove and cut down forests use huge amounts of fossil fuels to power

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