Essay on The Main Issues With The Food Industry

1401 Words Oct 17th, 2014 6 Pages
Purpose: Expose the main issues with the food industry and how they have been able to deceive consumers thus far.
Oranges to Apples In a society engulfed in constant progression and advancements it’s easy for people to believe that the one’s in charge of producing everyday consumables take careful measures in creating them and making sure those purchasing them are well aware of what they are investing in. Unfortunately, with the governments lacking regulations regarding the food industry buyers are allowing themselves to eat products that are not only prepared in unhealthy, unnatural ways, but that display misleading facts about their products. In this essay I will address how the food industry has changed in recent years, how food is prepared and its nutritional value at the end of production, and how food companies are able to get away with portraying their nutrition deprived foods as healthy ones in order to answer the burning question, what in the world are we actually eating? It 's safe to say that life today is not like it was before. Now days it 's almost impossible to imagine buying meat from a local butcher that personally raised animals in only safe and natural conditions, or to have a milk man bring fresh dairy to the townspeople 's door steps. One hundred years ago that would not have just been imaginable but the reality. The mere idea of factory farmed animal products was nearly inconceivable which is quite the contrary for today 's food industry.…

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