Essay about The Magic Of A Family Meal

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Even though families hardly ever get together to have a family dinner, it is proven that children who frequently eat with their parents experience long-term benefits. As of my opinion, I agree with Gibbs, which wrote the essay "The Magic of a Family Meal", and her argument is on how a family meal promotes communication among all the family members. For instance, with my family, it is a tradition that we all sit down as a family to eat. However, many families now are leaving out this time to accomplish other things or just simply because they exclaim that they have no time for a family dinner. Therefore, I think families should try to regularly have a family meal together to communicate with each other as well as parents teaching their children to be a success in life.
For example, in my family when it 's five o 'clock we all have to be seated at the dinner table. Next, the one that touches their food or eats their food first has to pray for the food. When finished praying, we all start eating and we start communicating with everyone. For instance, that 's when my brothers and sister asks us for help with their homework and my parents and I help them, even though my parents don 't know that much they try to learn with them as well. Therefore, I agree that communicating at the dinner time is important because we try to resolve all the problems as a family. For example, I think that for a fact I know if we did not have time every day to sit down as a family at dinner time my…

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