Essay about The Madness Of Eating Meat

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The Madness of Eating Meat Humans have eaten meat for millions of years, but it is a prevalent issue now because the farming industry has taken their process to the extreme. The consumption of meat is hazardous to the earth and human health. A vegetarian diet prevents many fatal health problems, conserves water, and acts as the ultimate refusal to contribute to a disgustingly inhumane industry.
Farms have drastically changed in the past century, but society continues to portray them rather innocently. Animals are treated poorly and mutilated for the convenience of the farmer. If society had not been blind to this change, “tail-docking and sow crates and beak-clipping would disappear overnight, and the days of slaughtering 400 head of cattle an hour would come to an end.” Unfortunately it has become obvious that these brutal acts will not be abolished so the next best option would be to boycott meat. The amount of animals killed for food is rarely talked about and often underestimated, “In 2009, ‘8,520,225,000 chickens, 245,768,000 turkeys, 113,600,000 pigs, 33,300,000, cattle, 22,767,000 ducks, 2,768,000 sheep and lambs, and 944,200 calves were killed for their meat in the United States.’” Distributed among the American population, this roughly comes out to 26 animals per person. If each individual lived their life with these 26 animals in mind, more pride could be taken in the way our nation eats. It is widely believed that the farming industry is too vast to take on, so…

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