Examples Of Loyalty In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey By Homer takes us on an interesting adventure of the main character 's journey home to his wife. On the way home he is sidetracked by a wide variety of characters. During Odysseus journey Penelope and his son Telemachus were trying to fight off the suitors, a group of men who think Odysseus is dead who are trying to marry Penelope. After 21 years of Odysseus being gone he appears home in the form of a beggar and kills most of the suitors ending in a bloodbath. Through the Odyssey Homer makes readers think to themselves about Odysseus and if he is a loyal husband or not. Despite many readers thoughts of Odysseus being a loyal husband some readers strongly believe Odysseus is not loyal because he is not loyal because he got side tracked for no logical reason, he slept with more girls that needed and he put himself and his crew f in dangerous situations that could have killed …show more content…
People may say that he is loyal because he made it home but Homer shows us many examples of how Odysseus got distracted on his way home from troy. Also people might say that Odysseus slept with girls to get home but again in the book homer gives us examples of how he slept with more girls than he needed to. And last off all people say he got into situations to help them escape but really the book shows us how Odysseus got into these situations just fool around and it ended up costing many lives of his crew.
In all I believe that Odysseus is not a loyal husband to Penelope due to his actions both physically and metaly. Through all his actions on the trip he has led me to believe that he does not love Penelope than what we once thought because of how long it took him to get home, because of how many girls he slept with and the risks he took on his way home. All of these things have made me think of Odysseus in a whole new way and not a good

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