The Similarities Between Odysseus And Achilles

Odysseus seems to be very sure of himself and well respected by other gods and even man. There were some areas in his life that made things complicated for him, for being considered a hero like he was. When comparing Odysseus and Achilles was more tragic than Odysseus. He also had his flaws that he seemed deficient with some characteristic flaws like Odysseus did. Achilles seemed to be more simple in his life and in his behavior. Like Odysseus, he was also a hero and a god who was courageous. He had made himself known as a great warrior. Where Achilles is a simpler, hero, Odysseys is a more complicated hero. Odysseus lives by guiles and courage with a devotion to get back home to his people and his wife. He is also very intellectual in how …show more content…
Odysseus learns from Circe, how to be a man by going to bed with her. Which I found this to be odd. I thought he was very loyal to Penelope only. Odysseus learns from Calypso, that each part of his journey back home would teach him something of who he is and he would learn to look for these lessons. While Odysseus is a mighty brave warrior he can be haughty and is arrogant. There are points along Odysseus journey that he found the gods would kick him back down to size and remind him he is “not that big” and to get back to reality. What seemed to be a negative trait for Odysseus was that he often blames his defeat on all of the gods and but when Odysseus was victorious he would gloat over himself. To me this seemed very haughty in nature. Regardless of all these self-centered lessons he learned along the way, when Calypso offered him eternal life and youth and that it became so strong to give in he had to plead with her to set him free, it was then he learned about how much he had a desire for Penelope and son. Lastly Odysseus may have learned that he is not the greatest leaders of the warriors as he has led many to their deaths in the battles they fight, but he has come full circle to trust the gods and they will deliver what they promise to deliver to him. Where he blames them for the downfalls of his troubles once before, he now trusted them to follow through. Odysseus has learned that his servants are indeed loyal to him and he finds he is a good ruler of his Kingdome. He learns that his servants are loyal to him so he is a good ruler of his kingdom. In the end He learns several things about the man he is and the man he has become as a result of his long journey back home. With each obstacle along the way that was thrown to him, he learned love and value of family. He learned that Penelope was loyal and waiting for

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