Essay on The Lost Cause Movement Of The American Civil War

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After their loss in the American Civil War, the Southern states went through a difficult period of Reconstruction. Not only was most of the South’s land destroyed in the war, but they also had to change their currency and adapt to Northerners taking over their politics. It was due to these trying times that the Southerners established a set of beliefs and values about themselves they called the Lost Cause. Southerners claimed the Lost Cause was a social movement of remembering and honoring their past; however, the way that Lost Cause thinkers romanticised and ignored their past mistakes makes it hard to believe that the act was just social. Ultimately, the Lost Cause movement was a political agenda that drew a greater presence of white supremacy in the country to hinder black rights, preserve slavery, and put an end to Reconstruction. Despite the struggles occurring in the South after the war, the Lost Cause managed to become a powerful and influential political movement by masking itself as a social one. After their defeat in the Civil War, the South founded the Lost Cause movement as a way of adjusting to life in the New South. The Lost Cause portrayed the South’s part in the Civil War as noble and chivalrous, and greatly downplayed the role that slavery played in the South’s participation. According to the Civil War Journeys, the term “Lost Cause” first appeared in “the title of an 1866 book by the historian Edward A. Pollard, The Lost Cause: A New Southern History of…

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