Essay on The Lobster Elite Freedom Ball Machine

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The first tennis ball machine that is a possible purchasing item for AIM is the Lobster Elite Freedom Ball machine. According to, which is a website that is connected with a Houston, Texas based store that sells tennis ball machines, clothing, accessories, equipment, and other tennis related items. On the Tennis Express website, the company lists and compares their items to give their consumers as much information for an informed purchasing decision. On the website, Tennis Express sells the Lobster Elite Freedom, tennis ball machine for $839.00. Along with the reasonable price of the machine, there are some positive and negative attributes that are correlated. Firstly, the pros: o Battery operated (no need to use or find an electrical outlet on the court) o Random Oscillation (feed the ball in multiple directions for multi-users) o Adjustable Speed o 2 Year warranty o Option to purchase fast charger o Shipping take 1 to 3 days to deliver

Along with the benefits that the machine would give our athletes by being a multi-user machine and testing our athlete’s tennis coordination and skill, there are some negatives associated with the Lobster Elite Freedom machine. The cons are: o 2 to 4 hours of playing time before needing recharge, which the playing time could diminish for the youth athletes who constantly wants to use the machine. o The machine holds 150 balls, which may cause for constant refilling of machine o Additional charge of $99 for fast charger…

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