The Live Exportation Of Animals

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The live export of animals is a process in which animals, mostly cattle, sheep and goats, are sent overseas. Australia in particular ships millions of animals yearly overseas. Exporting live animals is wrong and needs to stop. The outcome of this exportation is tortuous and results in illness causing death for most animals, and those who do survive are subject to being slaughtered in countries with incompetent laws against cruelty. Although there is no ‘humane’ way to kill animals, Australian livestock are being treated especially inhumane in the way they are killed by importing countries. Every year, thousands of animals born in Australia, where they have care and protection, are exported whilst alive and fully aware of their surroundings, to be killed in foreign countries where there are no laws …show more content…
This can be seen through pets. Many believe that the life of a pet is more valuable than that of a pig. When in reality, studies have shown that pigs are smarter than dogs and have excellent long-term memories. Even through the eyes of the law some people will be sent to jail for the abuse of a singular pet, yet very rarely are people imprisoned for the torture of thousands of animals when due to the cruel trade of live exportation.

However, it is unreasonable and unrealistic to immediately cease the exportation of animals. If the live export trade is banned immediately, it will incur negative repercussions for animals that would have been exported to foreign countries. If the exportation comes to an immediate cease the Australian producers cannot provide for these animals from their resources. They will be unable to purchase more feed because the price of cattle would significantly decline due to a surplus. As a resolution, Australia should only send animals overseas to slaughterhouses that treat their animals as ethically as

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