The Little One Case Study

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The Little One
Chinese culture concerns more about the organization’s interests rather than personal interests. I born in this culture and affected by it. Many people, western people especially, might hold a resistant attitude towards this group-first culture because we are living for ourselves, not others. But I accepted this culture, and followed it when I worked for group. I adjust myself for the team, and learn from the team. Rights and money do not motivate me because I can be the little one in the organization.

1. Get into the organization
“Motivation is the process of arousing and sustaining goal directed behavior.” (Nelson, 2015) Financial motivation is one basic way of motivating employee, but it does not work all time. According
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Student union was the organization for every student to improve themselves while serving others. There were tremendous numbers of students who were waiting to be the member of student union. Therefore, to guarantee that everyone had the equal chance, the council of student union established the rule that no one in student union could stay for more than one year unless you are in leadership. For News Center, only minister and vice-minister could stay and taught freshmen. My classmate Kevin, who worked in News Center with me, was elected as the new minister. It was minister’s right to pick the vice-minister, and I were his first choice. Not just because we were classmates and our apartments were pretty near, I did both writing and camera shooting in the last one year which were useful experiences for new reporters. To everyone’s surprise, I refused his offer because the terminal value drove me to this decision. Rokeach, an early scholar of human values, identified love as one important part of terminal value. (Nelson, 2015) I did love this organization after the whole year. I could not forget every happy moment I spent with my co-workers, and I wanted very much to continue my life as a member of News Center. But my value is that I need to pay full attention to what I love. My love to News Center told me that I could not muddle through all of the works. But the fact was cruel that I needed most of the time to prepare my TOEFL test or I would miss the chance to study abroad at that summer. It was painful, but I had to make this tough decision and left the place I

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