Essay about The Little Girls Double Dutch By Charles Dickens

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One day Charles was sauntering down the street and he started watching the little girls double dutch. Charles was nervous to go talk to the girls but he knew he wanted to jump too. Then out of nowhere an empty milk carton rolled down the street that was to the right of him. Charles turned to see what it was and he came across these two women around the age of late 40’s and early 50’s. He did not know what the women were doing but as he approached the women he noticed they were digging through the garbage. Charles found it very strange that two old women were rummaging through the trash, so he asked the women why were they digging through the trash. One of the lady’s name was Selma the other was Wilma. Selma replied to the young boy and said “baby, we are not just digging through trash, we are getting the recycled goods out of the trash.” Charles was confused, he asked “what is recycling?” Wilma and Selma started to laugh and Wilma explained to Charles that recycling is using old trash, like: paper, plastic, aluminum cans, metal and other things to that nature and converting them into reusable material. Charles nodded with agreement and told the ladies that he would try to influence others to help recycle and then Wilma said “Recycling should be mandatory in Charlotte, NC because without recycling global warming is getting worse, recycling is also profitable for cities and residents, and raw materials are nonrenewable.” Recycling should be mandatory in Charlotte, NC because…

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