The Benefits Of Recycling Essay: What Is The Solution?

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The second reason why I think Hartmann is true that we think recycling is the solution. Recycling of waste is considered as a core element of sustainable development. Waste products is recycled into new materials. It is the fact that recycling helps reduce the garbage and also save sources. According to the website, the writer show that, “Recycling has a lot of benefits that can help people and save the environment as well.” Therefore, people think that recycling is the right thing. Gradually, recycling becomes a major source of employment. People collect used beverage cans and take them to recycling centers, earn money from them. According to another website, …show more content…
I have to use a lot of energy for my life. There are two ways to use energy. The first way is the direct use of energy such as using gas for cooking, heating, transportation. The second way is the indirect use of energy such as eating food, using electricity, buy clothes. Therefore, energy is necessary for our life. However, we have used a lot of energy. The fact that it makes our energy be wasted. Many research indicate that energy sources will soon be exhausted. According to the book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, the author show, “Since the discovery of oil . . . humans have extracted 742 billion barrels of oil from the Earth” (16). We have used too much oil but oil resources are limited. The book showed that, “ the oil industry “optimistic” numbers say we have 45 years left at current rates of consumption” (18). However, the world consumption of oil today has increased. Therefore, we just have only about thirty years oil-supply. One important thing is that our primary source energy – oil can not renew. They are not making a lot of dinosaurs anymore. Mother Earth has given us source energy giant but we have wasted it. Day by day, we are going to deplete our supply. Thus oil is a magnet for war. Many wars have occured to arrogate the oil location. It led to our environment destroyed

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