Essay The Link Between Bullying And Suicide

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The link between Bullying and Suicide

Bullying affects millions of adolescents each year. Over 160,000 teenagers skip school on a daily basis to avoid being tormented by their peers ( Bullying is described as aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally causes harm for another person. It can include verbal or physical actions or other forms such as cyberbullying; when an aggressor torments an individual online. ( In many cases, bullying is unreported and the adolescent being harmed doesn’t find a way to solve the problem. They might keep the problem a secret from people that can help. This can lead to more serious issues, and the adolescent will develop low self-esteem, and possibly depression. Even further, the victim may develop thoughts of suicide, or even attempt to go through with it. In these cases, it is important to look at the adolescent’s behavior, and determine whether or not they are affected just by the bullying, or other factors that they are involved in. When an adolescent experiences any type of bullying, it is recommended that they report it to an adult, whether it is a caregiver, teacher, or other school staff member before the problem escalates. Many adolescents fear that if they report the problem that they will be looked down upon by their peers, for being a “tattle tale” or similar names, leading to other problems with the bully or associated people. The victim may also fear that if they get help, that the bully…

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