The Link Between Adhd And Being Outside Essay

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I do agree with the basic concept of the book, that there is true a nature deficit in the past couple generations including the newest generation. I believe just because of our technological advances it’s almost easier to ignore the outside world. It’s easier to say hey, go watch t.v. you won’t by physically harmed from that. Except they are being harmed they have no experience with nature and its no coincidence that we are raising the most obese children to date and it has a lot to do with the amount of emphasis we put on essentially everything else but going outside. The children nowadays are raised by screens and not by nature.
I wanted to first discuss the link between ADHD and being outside. The fact that it may greatly improve the behavior of those diagnosed with ADHD if they played outside. He doesn’t go too in depth about this as it is relatively new but does let state that it could be used as a therapy and depending on the child of the amount of outside time they get it could go as far as to replace medication. From my point of view I do think ADHD exists but I also do think it is greatly over diagnosed, and I feel as though it’s because children are just plain bored. These children are bored and no longer have much of an outlet as sitting in front of a t.v. just doesn’t cut it. So just like many domesticated animals mostly dogs and cats, you don’t give them enough exercise or physically exhaust them they are going to act out, (not to say that children and animals…

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