The Lincoln Electric Company Organization Culture Essay

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John C. Lincoln started Lincoln Electric Company in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. John Lincoln was later joined by his younger brother James F. Lincoln who bore the both the titles vice-president and General Manager. As the son of a minister, James F. Lincoln entwined his Christians principles into his business philosophy. “The Christian ethic should control our acts. If it did control our acts, the savings in cost of distribution would be tremendous.” (Lincoln, 1961)
Based on the Organization Culture Profile (OCP) framework, the Lincoln Electric Company has a people-oriented culture. The company believed in fairness, supportiveness, and respecting individual rights. Employees are given an equal amount of work hours. Workload and overtime opportunity is also equally distributed. If business slows, all workers get their hours reduced equally and fairly. (Modesto, 2015)
The Lincoln Electric Company organization culture is a strong one shared by its employees. During the early stages as head of the company, James had the employees elect representatives, who then formed a committee known as the Advisory Board to advise him. The Advisory Board meets the chief executive officer twice per month. This gave employees the means to share their ideas and opinions on how After the selection of the Advisory Board the working hours were reduced from 55 to 50 hours per week. In 1915 employees got a paid-up life insurance. A welding school was even started in 1917 and is still…

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