The Lincoln Electric Company Analysis Essay

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After reading Arthur Sharplin’s Harvard Case Study, the Lincoln Electric Company (1989), you get an incredibly good idea of just why it’s considered one of the best managed manufacturing companies around. The culture of entire company seems to be one that is focused primarily on people instead of profits. Looking at the case study with the ideas of Organizational Culture Profile in mind, you can see evidence of several different values that have combined to create the unique culture that permeates the company.

Throughout Sharplin’s case study, you see the underlying theme of a people-oriented culture, but with elements from other values as well. Some of the other values I found were outcome-oriented, team-oriented, and detail-oriented. I hope to show throughout this analysis just how the Lincoln Electric Company utilizes each value to create the culture it now has.

According to the case study, after founding the Lincoln Electric Company in 1895, John C. Lincoln and more importantly his brother, James F. Lincoln developed a business that has become the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes (para. 1), but also one that has a high level of worker productivity (para. 2). While John Lincoln started a company that showed growth, it wasn’t until James became the General Manager in 1914 that you start to see some of the management decisions that lay the framework for what the company has become.

James Lincoln helped establish some personnel policies that…

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