Thomas A. Edison: Obstacles In Life

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For hundreds of years, humans have been faced with obstacles, in which our society has been able to learn and grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Fulfillment does not fall into the hands of its contender unless it is rightfully earned by breaking through barriers. As initially stated by the inventor of the first light bulb, Thomas A. Edison, “I have not failed. I have just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.” These words strongly emphasize the concept of perseverance through challenges we face in life. Thomas Edison’s primary ideas for creating a working light bulb did not work. But he did not give in to helplessness, and improved on his mistakes to produce a working product. The lightbulb has significantly changed …show more content…
Saint Paul is another great individual that experienced much hardship during his lifetime. Initially, Paul was an enemy of the church of Christ. He imprisoned and killed Christians. But after an event where Jesus appeared to Paul, blinding him, Paul experienced great conviction for his actions. This resulted in significant obedience to the Lord and restoration of his sight. Upon being converted, it was Paul’s goal to make every breath count for His Lord by preaching the Gospel wherever he went. Thereafter, Paul experienced great persecution and rejection from society. But regardless of his unending trips to prison, Paul did not lose hope.
Paul glorified God for the hate directed toward him. He acknowledged that it was not by his own strength he could evangelise to non-believers, but only through God’s great power. In Romans 8:18 Paul declares, “... sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Paul continuously viewed any catastrophe as one greater part of God’s plan. Climbing over walls made him joyful because every barrier he broke down, just made him stronger. In 2 Corinthians 12:10 Paul affirms, “...I take pleasure in infirmities,
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It was in his darkest times, he became more powerful and determined. Later,
Paul died a historical, remarkable death as a martyr because of his love for Jesus
Christ. Furthermore, leaving behind a legacy that would change people’s lives for centuries to come.
Hence, encountering obstacles help us reach our greatest potential, pushing us towards our goals. As more people strive to combat the hurdles in their individual lives, our society will grow together as a stronger whole. Achievement is only attained if you make it count and give it the full one hundred percent that is deserved. Our lives will bloom with accomplishment and integrity only if we are willing to face the drawbacks that come along the way. Thomas Edison was struck with many obstacles. Because he did not stop asking questions, and approached his problems differently every time, Edison was able to create something that changed the world. In our everyday struggles we are able to discover more about our individual self if we push through till the end. We must remain, hopeful, humble, and strong in order to defeat any hindrances that we face. In doing so, we are the

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