The Lifestyle Is Not Only Saving Animals, But Also Saving The World?

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How could one have the audacity to claim that their lifestyle is not only saving animals, but also saving the world? Although this may sound like a fantasy end to a superhero movie, this goal is actually attainable through the pursuit of a vegan life. Last year, sixteen million people switched to a plant-based diet for an array of reasons such as ethics and health concerns. Avoiding animal products in all aspects of one’s regimen, diet, clothing easily profits millions of amazing benefits. While many are still skeptical about veganism, this lifestyle promotes superior health and an ecological planet.
Encouraging a sustainable way of life by treating our earth kindly is one of many triumphs achieved through a vegan lifestyle. If everyone consumed a western, meat-based, diet, it would require at least two Earth’s to support (Macklin). Resources would run out so rapidly that there would not be enough water, land, and crops to provide for society. However, with a plant-based diet, humanity can exist peacefully and reasonable on the only planet Earth there is. In addition to this, the average person vegan cuts their carbon footprint in half, saving over one hundred and fifty thousand gallons of water each year (Macklin)! Clearly, this lifestyle promotes an eco-friendly environment. Using our planet’s resources carefully creates a measurable difference in maintaining the ecosystem. As well as caring for Earth, a plant-based diet supports society. If everyone stopped eating meat,…

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