The Life Of The United States Essay

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Twenty-three years ago on May 16, 1992, Julie Sova and Steven Six said I do in a small, quaint chapel in Muskegon, Michigan. From there, they moved down to South Carolina to start their lives and hopefully a family. On September 23, 1995, a bouncing baby boy named Alexander Harrison Six arrived as the eldest child of the Six family, but two and a half years later, a precious baby girl named Stephanie Gabrielle Six opened her eyes to embrace her new, life as the youngest and last Six child. As I grew rapidly, I attended St. John Neumann Catholic Elementary School from preschool to sixth grade making one life long friend named Katie Solomon. Together we conquered the awkwardness of middle school at Cardinal Newman only to blossom as we entered high school. While at Cardinal Newman I joined a number of extracurricular activities like French Club, Right For Life Club, Retreat Team, and Drama Club, as well as, playing Junior Varsity volleyball. Katie and I took French for five years, so French Club seemed a normal part of our weekly lives. In French Club, students watched french movies, ate pastries, and learned about the culture. Because of our multiple years of studying the language, Katie and I, along with six other students, journeyed with our French teacher and his daughter to France for ten days. While in France, we swam in the Mediterranean, climbed the Eiffel Tower, and practiced conversing with natives. Due to my family’s Catholic upbringing, I joined the Right For…

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