The Life Of Plato 's Republic, Marcus Aurelius, And Saint Augustine

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Since the beginning man has worshiped a God or many gods. Due to this, mankind has always wanted to become like a god. He has always wanted the knowledge of a god. Plato’s Republic, Marcus Aurelius, and Saint Augustine all had different views on whether or not it was possible to obtain or perceive absolute truth. Looking at the definition of absolute truth, you can get a glimpse of how man sees himself, and what he wishes to become. The people who wrote about who they thought could and who could not obtain this absolute truth, played a key role in how society was set up. Also, you can look at examples given by each scholar, and get a better image on how they believed absolute truth worked and how to obtain it. Different things helped each scholar in their efforts to finding their answer. Religion was heavily relied upon for some people when trying to explain if absolute truth was reachable or not. However, others relied on their own logic and reasoning to find their answer. Looking around at nature and other things they saw around them, they did not feel the need to seek out their answer in religion. In addition to looking at what helped each scholar find their answer, it is important to look at your own beliefs. This is because the scholars who wrote on absolute truth also used what they themselves believed, in order to give an answer to the mysterious question of absolute truth.
In order to answer whether or not absolute truth can be perceived or obtained, it is important…

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