Scientific Revolution Dbq

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With the start of the Scientific Revolution, it brought change to the way people lived and viewed the world. Many intellectual thoughts were developed regarding humanity 's position in the universe, this new way of thinking, sophisticated those living in the 1500 to 1700 's. Throughout Europe many individuals began to take these theories as the solid truths, and analyzed their validity. The ideas and beliefs of the common philosopher and intellectual of this period, perhaps the most important was the notion of abandoning faith and finding it in the power of human reason. If humanity could unlock these laws of the universe, the laws that God obliged, why couldn’t philosophers and intellectuals discover the laws of the universe, and discover the laws underlying all of nature and …show more content…
Science started to attract followers that believed its theories that opposed to those of the church, while religion was just faith. Many were working aside from the church’s beliefs and making way for science to explain the secrets of the unknown. During this time not only did scientific areas prosper, but also areas in economic and governmental views. Philosopher demanded exemption of speech and the press, and they criticized the strict censorship that most governments exercised. They started to believe censorship was harmful because it prevented people from learning about fresh ideas. They encouraged education as the means to end ignorance, bias, and superstition. Society 's views were always shifting, causing controversy with those whom wanted progress and those who desired to hold on old ideas and reasons. The middle class began to show up and become well educated, contracting the stereotype of only the rich receive education. The Scientific Revolution without doubt changed the standard of social practices. The variety of these patterns in turn changed the role that faith had played being the explanation to nature’s

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