Essay about The Life Of Nba Players

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The Life of NBA Players
Basketball is a major part of many peoples lives around the world. People have started as early as since I was a little kid, I 've always loved shooting and dribbling and being in a gym. Basketball has made such a significant impact on many that it has drawn in interest of making it a job; playing at the professional level.
The NBA was created through a rivalry between two basketball leagues fighting to win both fans and players. In 1949, the Basketball Association Of America (BAA) and the National Basketball league (NBL) came together to form to what is now known as the National Basketball Association (NBA). The BAA was more successful due to the fact that they attracted better players and held their games in bigger arenas than the NBL. When the two leagues merged, the NBA turned into a worldwide attraction that continues to entertain people all across the world. Today the NBA owns 20 franchises and millions of fans all over the world(S. Goldaper 2).
Before becoming an elite member of the NBA, there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get this job. The most important requirement is talent, without talent; making it to the big leagues is out of the question. Talent isn 't the only requirements, there are other other technicalities such as good grades, a credible reputation and a small amount of luck. Most basketball players in the NBA begin at a very young age and continued onto played high school basketball. This is…

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