Essay on The Life Of Dysfunctional Rick

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The Life of Dysfunctional Rick
Rick is a 37-year-old man who has been experiencing a bumpy road through his entire life. When we was young his mother Fiona would mentally and physically beat him daily until she drank herself to consciousness. Ricks father left him and his mother when he was just a newborn and Fiona angrily blames Rick for his father leaving. His entire life Rick learned awful traits from his mother, he had no role model nor anyone to look up to for guidance. As he aged he ended up dropping out of school and finding his way to a military style boot camp. Rick has a hefty record full of theft, driving under the influence and assault. He has seen the inside walls of a prison more then once for the decisions he has made. Behaviour truly has a strong effect of people and surrounding yourself with a negative environment and social system usually results in a person who has deviant behaviour. The way rick was raised was extremely brutal, he unfortunately learned his behaviour from his mother and took after her traits. Being raised in such a manner only results in social learning and situational factors that led him to act out the way he does.

Ricks behaviour includes anger, aggression, short temper, frustration and more. Skinner believes that “environmental or external stimuli are the primary if not sole of the determinants of behaviour” (Pearson, 2014). It is extremely easy to pick up behaviours from people you environmentally surround yourself with.…

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