Behavior In Susan Faludi's 'The Naked Citadel'

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Behavior can be defined as an individual’s response to an action. The provoked feeling that propels someone to move or strike is the behavior. Behavior is influenced by many different factors. Some examples of these factors could be one’s genetic makeup, environment or individual thoughts and feelings. What makes one person’s behavior uniquely different from another? The world is very diverse in means of different habits, cultures and sex. This diversity is what sets each individual behavior apart from one another. However, does this mean that we are made to function according to the expectancy of society? In order for anyone to answer this question, it is essential to understand how the effects of the adopted set values play into our daily lives which can be seen in Susan Faludi’s essay “The Naked Citadel.” In “The Naked Citadel,” Faludi describe all the changes that occurred when they accidently admitted a female cadet into an all-male military institution. She also described the environment of the Citadel and noted the different changes that occurred in the …show more content…
Society is not an all-male world anymore, it is an interracial society in which men cannot just be leaders by showing their masculinity. This is one of the reason why men go to an all-male institution. At the Citadel, cadets are able to create their small world and “feel called to defend those walls”, because some things in their lives are “endangered from without” (Faludi 103). For this reason, the cadets feel that the Citadel is a place where they can not only discharge their feelings but also feel better by earning the sense of becoming leaders and winners. Henceforth, the immediate context is just a trigger that gives opportunity for people to behave in a certain way. The growth and living environment are real causes that build people’s characteristics, which can lead to certain

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