The Life Of Christopher Marlowe Essay

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The Life of Christopher Marlowe One of the greatest play writers and poets of his time, Christopher Marlowe was at the top of the chain in the late fifteenth early sixteenth century. He impacted many generations to follow and set the stage for English poets/writers to come. He was considered amongst many as the “bad boy” of the Elizabethan Literature (Poetry Foundation). He pushed the limits to almost everything and challenged the evidence of most things. He managed to capture what people wanted to read in poems and watch in plays. Marlowe was just before Shakespeare in terms of becoming well known and achieving goals within the Elizabethan Theater era (Bio. A&E Television Networks). Marlowe had an enormous influence on William Shakespeare who was the same age as Christopher (The Marlowe Society). Many of Shakespeare’s work tended to mirror that of Marlowe’s, it was almost like Shakespeare was using Marlowe and redoing his work but got more attention out of it. Between Marlowe and Shakespeare it was a battle trying to outdo one another. Marlowe wrote four plays that are mainly famous today compared to Shakespeare who has about thirty eight (Bio. A&E Television Networks). But if you look closely and think about the plays dynamics the ones that Shakespeare is most glorified for are the exact plays almost identical to those of Marlowe’s. Marlowe never was a married man and he only lived to be twenty nine years of age. He was stabbed in the eye over an argument about the bill…

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