Conflict With Loyalties And Fears In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet is the story of a prince of Denmark, who is conflict with doubts and fears, whose his dead father places a burden on him by tell his son to avenge his death that cause by his brother, Hamlet 's uncle Claudius, who marries his wife, and claims the throne. The most powerful writer in all of English literature, William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in a middle class of Stratford- upon- Avon, England. Shakespeare earns his education at a local grammar school and married Anne Hathaway when he was eighteen years old. He had three children : two daughters, Susanna and Judith, and one son Hamnet. He was living in a period of nationalist fervor under Queen Elizabeth.He eventually became the most popular playwright in England and part-owner of the Globe Theater. The time period is London, England and early seventeenth century. William Shakespeare 's Hamlet is memorable for its literary …show more content…
He struggles with his uncertainty about whether he should trust the ghost and killing his uncle is the right thing to do. The second, Ophelia is in love with Hamlet, but her brother and her father command her to stay away from Hamlet. Ophelia must choose between loyalty to her lover and loyalty to her father and brother. When Hamlet accidentally kills her father and treat her harshly, that cause her to go insane and kill herself. The third conflict is Laertes, who is suffering the same situation as Hamlet,because his father was killed and he want to avenge his father 's death. He face an internal conflict of whether to kill Hamlet or not. Lastly, he confesses Claudius’s plan and forgive Hamlet before he dies. According to Laertes, “ He is justly served; it is a poison tempered by himself. Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet: mine and my father 's death come not upon thee, nor thine on me!” ( Shakespeare,

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