The Life Of A New School Year Essay

1097 Words Jul 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Here I was once again at the beginning of a new school year. Just like previous years, I would lay awake all night because I was dreading to go back to school and when the time would be up for me to get ready I would be exhausted. Then the symptoms would start to kick in once I started thinking of going back to school from my summer vacation. There was something different about the beginning of this school year. All the fear I had for so many years started to build. This panic attack was a life-changing event that helped me to be brave.
As I stood on the concrete floor close to the grass area waiting for the first period to begin I saw the physical education teacher heading my way. Once he was by my side his smile drop to a frown and I could see some concern in his eyes. Even with his black shades, I could see he was worried about something. Just then I knew why his smile had suddenly disappeared. “Are you okay Gabby,” he asked me. I smiled at him without flashing my teeth and said, yeah.” After years of being asked the same question, I became an expert at lying. I felt awful knowing I couldn’t and wouldn’t tell my teachers, classmates, friends, and anyone who came to know me as to what happened in first grade. I’m been tormented by so many nightmares that I would wake up sweating and covered in tears. Although my mom has given me information as to what happened in first grade I can’t remember. At times I have a dream or I hope it’s just a dream of my teacher from first…

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