The Life And Deeds Of The Buddha Essay

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Buddhacarita, which is believe to be written by the Indian poet Ashvagosha betwwen the first and second century A.D. (Life of the Buddha, 56), describes the life and deeds of the Buddha. This paper specifically addresses the very first part of the Buddha’s story from this epic, which is about the story before Siddhartha Gautama went out of the palace for the first time. It is subtitled “His Birth and the Sage’s Prophesies” in the material online (Life of the Buddha, 57-60).

The story began with the Buddha-to-be’s parents, a glorious King and his wife Maya. One day Maya dreamed of a white elephant, and thus conceived. After that she travelled to a beautiful and serene grove, and the time of delivery came. The birth of the Siddhartha Gautama was accompanied with unusual phenomena—the mother gained no pain during the delivery, and he was shining with golden light. He was even able to speak, and professed “I am born to be enlightened for the well-being of the world; this is my last birth.” (Life of the Buddha, 58). Such miracle was reported to the king, and the priests stated that he could either become the Enlightened or the universal king. Then, after sensing the birth of the potential savior of the world, a great seer came to the court, and shed tears at the sight of the prince. When asked the reason of the sorrow, the sage replied that he felt sad not for the prince, who was sure to reach Enlightenment, but for himself, who was too old to receive the teaching that would be…

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