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Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. Despite the fact that people also drop school 1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying, No wonder why eighth-graders are reading Buddha Boy by Kathe Koja (Penguin Publishers, 2003). In Buddha Boy the setting takes place in Edward Rucher High School. Even though it takes place in a high school, People from different ages can benefit from it. Buddha Boy starts when Justin finds this weird freaky kid at Rucher High School. His name is Jinsen, kid at his school call him “Buddha Boy”. He wears an over-sized dragon t-shirt. Unlike all kids at his school, he shaves his head. I believe Kathe Koja writing style and Justins inner thoughts and feeling and opinion made understand what was going on the book and was happening from his point of view. Just as if I was there in scene watching with my own eyes.

Story can become very different depending on who’s the writing perspective point of the story. For example, in Buddha Boy By Koja Kathe
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Justin was narrator of the book Buddha Boy . Koja was really smart of choosing first point of view. It wouldn’t make any sense if it were Jinsen being the narrator. I think other point view point on certain things kind help and make the more engageing then somine own opinon and thoughts on somethiung. If it were to be JInsen the narrator we would how feels and thouyghs by orther what they say, but someone else being he or she would also tell how they think it feels and what kind of feeling they are getting or reaction to some actions. The book Buddha Boy by Kathe Koja , Justin was the narrator of the novel,it would have been difeerentr if Jinsen was the narrator of the story by a lot. First someone telling a story would different opinion on it that may not have the opion. Secound most important is the person feeling would be said and how he feels about

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