Essay about The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition is most commonly known as the exploration that led to the westward expansion of the United States of America. William Clark is highly under-credited for his role as one of the two explorers on the trip with most of the credit given to Meriwether Lewis. William Clark is responsible for the making of maps along the journey, especially his master map of the West. Without the detailed maps that Clark created, there would have been a delay in westward expansion in an attempt to conquer the idea of manifest destiny. What is not talked about is Clark’s life both before and after the trip as he is just solely known for this particular expedition. William Clark was born on August 1, 1770, to John Clark III and Ann Rogers in Caroline County, Virginia. A younger brother to George Rogers Clark, a Revolutionary War hero, he was among four other brothers and four sisters. During his lifetime, Clark witnessed the American Revolution in full swing, saw the nation double in size, and saw that slavery was even more so allowed due to the bending of liberty. Before Clark became an explorer, he joined the local militia and furthered his military experience by enlisting in the United States army when he was nineteen years old. During his time in the military, Clark explored “first-rate land” and “second-rate land” in 1789 while also keeping a journal where he took notes and drew sketches of everything that he saw and experienced as he traveled past the Ohio River.…

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