The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

779 Words Apr 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The legalization of same-sex marriage has been an ongoing debate for decades. According to the Gallup Poll (2015), views have increasingly become in favor towards gay marriage being valid or legal. In May of 2016 60% of voters felt same sex marriage should be legal. This means that there is still a large percentage of people who argue it should not be valid which causes a constant difference in opinions throughout the country. The Human Rights Campaign argues from the point of view that same sex marriage should be legal and valid. The arguments were persuasive through the use of facts and answers and reasoning to questions many people ask when arguing against the legalization of same sex marriage. Although the article was highly persuasive, it did often focus on how to support same-sex marriage, rather than why same sex marriage should be legal or valid. One of the strongest and most persuasive aspects of the article was the use of facts to give the reader more insight into the topic. If a reader does not have too much background information on why same sex marriage being legalized is an issue, they will find within the first couple pages of the article not only 10 statistics on marriage in the United States, but facts and statistics about benefits a legally married couple can gain. According to the Human Rights Campaign (2009), many same sex couples are not about to receive social security benefits or health insurance. The article gives statistics on how much a partner…

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