Essay on The Legal System Of The United States Constitution

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The establishment of the United States Constitution was a monumental time in countries history. Individual liberties and rights are the characteristics which identify America among the rest of the world. In addition, the rights and freedoms of the countries residents is equally if not more important. The legal system of the United States is based on an adversarial, meaning that event through legal prosecution, the individual rights of the defendant is still protected by the system. Due Process is a concept which applies to both the accused and the party which is against the accused. The adversarial system states that the battle throughout the case between the state and the defense, the truth will ultimately prevail and justice will be served. Although the result of the case will remain lawful, it’s important for the competition between the two parties to remain lawful as well. Furthermore, it’s very important for the constitutional rights of the defendant to remain intact throughout the entire criminal procedure process. Due Process and the Rights of the Accused: The Criminal Procedure Process There must be an individual who has sufficient evidence to present in court which establishes a crime was committed by the defendant, is in progress, or will take place before entering the criminal justice system. Without probable cause an arrest cannot be made, and crimes would go unsolved while the criminals co-exist with the rest of the community. Probable cause is also…

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