The Legal And Safe Abortion Essay

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Women in the United States are admitted into the hospital for treatment after they’ve just been raped. One treatment that the hospital may give the patient is a prescription for emergency contraception to prevent the women from getting pregnant. Emergency contraception is a procedure that consist of two birth control pills that you can take within 72 hours after sex to prevent a pregnancy. Often time when those women take their prescription to the pharmacy, the pharmacists refuses to fill their prescription even knowing that they are rape victims. According to research, racial discrimination, lack of education, little financial stability, and violence against women and girl can limit females from taking advantage of their reproductive health rights (Uberoi 2). How is this fair? Everyday women’s reproductive rights are violated. A women is entitled to legal and safe abortion, the right to receive birth control, reproductive healthcare, and accessible education to make smart reproductive choices. Although access to these healthcare related items are women’s fundamental rights, around the world, the government continues to play a huge part in limiting the rights of women and what they choose to do with their body. Two developed countries where women struggle with their rights because of the influence of their society and the government’s laws are the United States and China. For example, in 2015, states in the U.S. passed 51 laws that put multiple restrictions on abortions,…

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