The Legacy Of The American Civil War Essay

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The American Civil War marked a period in United States history, in which Americans endured exceedingly onerous ethical and political issues. During the presidential election of 1860, Republican Abraham Lincoln declared his opposition to the expansion of slavery. Lincoln’s policies threatened southern ideology; slavery was the catalyst for economic prosperity in the south. Even before Lincoln’s official inauguration into presidency on March 4, 1861, Southern states began to succeed from the Union forging their own pro-slavery Confederacy. The Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 between two opposing forces, the Confederate South and the Union North. Despite the grim prospects threatening the country, Americans of all races, choose to articulate their untainted experiences of the war, conceiving the profuse myths and legends surrounding this era. Although the Civil War officially began in 1861, slavery had just now begun to enter into its most ingenious phase. The Thirteenth Amendment was passed in January of 1865, implementing the abolishment of slavery. Yet, the profuse myths and legends surrounding the Civil War culminate into a complicated debate. This complicated debate present historians with one particular question; who really freed the slaves? This paper will analyze the influence held by Abraham Lincoln and the slaves themselves in abolishing slavery.
When asked who freed the slaves, many respond with the frequent answer that Abraham Lincoln did. The truth, as…

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