The Legacy Of The 1948 ' S Essay

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1969 was a year with a distinct economic, social, political, and intellectual atmosphere. After the end of World War II in 1945, the US experienced great economic prosperity lasting until the 1970s where sound employment could be obtained relatively easily for both skilled and unskilled work. The affluence this created also caused a baby boom where birth rates temporarily increased, and in 1969, many of those born in the baby boom now made up 8 million young adults going though college. This issue of LIFE Magazine from December 12, 1969 specifically emphasizes how these two features of society created a dominant middle-class culture increasingly fascinated by intellectual pursuits and purchasing luxury items, generational tensions between the establishment of the older generation and the counterculture found most prominently on college campuses, and a growing unified movements for women’s liberation. In 1969, the middle class was thriving and found itself with a surplus of money to purchase luxuries and excess time which it could spend on endeavors outside work. The ads within LIFE magazine clearly appeal to these new qualities. When one opens the magazine, the first two pages depict a group of wealthy, elegant people at a party enjoying “Black and White Scotch”, which is described as “for people who know the difference.” This is a strong appeal to middle class desires to spend their new found leisure time in luxury and to cultivate good taste in material things. The rest…

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