Kent State Shooting Research Paper

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Kent State Shootings
From 1955-1975 America fought a war that separated generations, and turned America 's youth against their own government, the Vietnam war. Due to this twenty year war many young males were drafted into the army, and America the land of the free became the land of deceit. As a result, throughout the nation there had been mass protests, and antiwar movements. On the tragic day of May 4th, 1970 demonstrators at Kent State University were ambushed by the Ohio National Guard, leading to the death of four students and injury of nineteen other students. The antiwar rally at Kent State University has become a symbol of the Vietnam war, demonstrating a nation divided both politically and socially.
Antiwar movements, rallies, and protests were erupting across the nation; yet, the National Guard was summoned to manage the students at Kent State University, why? In 1969 Richard Nixon was elected president, and many hoped for him to bring an end to the Vietnam war. While the Vietnam war was coming to end during President Nixon 's first year in presidency the war sprung back into action with America 's invasion of Cambodia during late April 1970. President Nixon 's announcement of the invasion instilled outrage across the nation launching antiwar protests.
After the news was released students at Kent State University immediately
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However, students ignored these requests, and by noon nearly 3,00o students had gathered around the Commons area of the university, and accompanying them was about 100 Guards men armed with rifles. While the rally was initially planned to protest the war, the students were now focused on protesting the presence of the national guard invading their campus and freedoms. However, the students organized initially in a peaceful

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