Vietnam War Mistrust

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The transition from liberal to conservative ideas was caused by the Civil Rights Movement, American involvement in Vietnam, and the mistrust of the government. The general population was ready to move past the civil rights movement in which the democrats in office were so invested. The Vietnam War was deepened solely by democratic presidents. The corruption within the Democratic Party pushed them out of office. Though each factor allowed for the transition, the end of the democratic rule started with the Civil Rights Movement.
The Civil Rights Movement began with the most important court decision of the 20th century. Brown vs. The Topeka Board of Education stated that all public schools had to integrate. Following this decision, African-Americans
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The riot was detrimental to the Democrats and caused a large mistrust of them because of the violence that took place between the protesters and the security. This mistrust was widespread, and was not just because of the riot. Most people knew that President Kennedy sent advisors to Vietnam. After his assassination, President Johnson said that he had no interest to further involvement in Vietnam, but his actions proved otherwise. He sent paratroopers over, and then allowed for bombings. President Richard Nixon, Johnson’s successor and republican, promised to pull America out of Vietnam, but continued to allow for bombings, and began including Laos and Cambodia (Armstrong and Murphy 280). The mistrust of the presidents was caused by them going back on their word. Even though Nixon was conservative and untrustworthy, the general public saw him as better than Johnson and any democrat. Nixon was the beginning of the conservative shift. Presidents Reagan was seen as the trustworthy president. People believed he would not go back on his word, and this trustworthiness was a large reason why he was elected. Democrats were seen as untrustworthy because of past events, and even when President Nixon resigned for the Watergate Scandal, a democrat was not elected into

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