The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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The 1960’s was when america was great because it was the end of social division, the end of segregation and memorable inventions were made. In these years John F. Kennedy was president. Martin Luther King Jr. gave an inspirational speech of how the world should be equal. Women’s Liberation Movement also enforcing equality between the sexs. Simple and extravagant luxuries were invented , from canned soup to the first silicon gel implants. The 60’s where the years to be alive, the years that changed america for the better , The 60’s made america great.
John F. Kennedy served in the U.S Navy, while he was in the Navy he served in World War II. In World War II Kennedy’s boat sank after being hit by a Japanese destroyer he saved his crew that were on the boat with him. He was later awarded a medal because of that great act. (Corrigan)
John F. Kennedy was the youngest man elected for president in that time at the age of 43. (corrigan) John F. Kennedy was the elected democratic nominee. The republican candidate was Richard M. Nixon. November 8, 1960 Kennedy won the election but it was the the closest election in U.S history.(jfk library) Kennedy supported Martin Luther King Jr. and that cost kennedy some votes during the elections. Kennedy during the election promised to enforce equal rights to the people. When he got elected he decided to avoid the subject.
In 1962 a black man James H. Meredith Jr. tried applying for the University of Mississippi also called “Ole Miss”. He…

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