The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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Although many important people deserve to have a holiday dedicated to them. Such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, but John F. Kennedy is one of the best example of who deserves to have a holiday based on them and their achievement and what they have done for the world or their country. JFK deserves a day that is all about him because of the many things he did and achieved before he was president, what he did during his presidency, and how his presidency had an impact on the people of america. In addition Kennedy is one of the few great presidents we have had, that should have a holiday. First of all John F.Kennedy was a great president but before he was the leader of our country he had did things that will make him the great president he was. Before he was ever president he enlisted into the navy during WWII, and because of the heroic acts that he did during the war he achieved the honor of a Purple Heart. As stated "During WWII, he commanded a PT boat in the South Pacific. One night, a Japanese destroyer cut the ship in two. Kennedy and ten other survivors swam for four hours to reach an island from which they were rescued a few days later. Kennedy later received the Purple Heart for his leadership and heroism". The heroic act of JFK leading this navel men in a time of chaos and need show his perseverance in such a dire situation. This leadership just shows that no matter what he is willing to lead which a major reason why he deserves a holiday all…

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