Essay on The Legacy Of Charles The Great

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There was once a beloved ruler, who encouraged schools and knowledge for everyone, while conquering territory and governing the city to the best of his ability. Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, was a widely known emperor who ruled most of Western Europe from 768 to 814. His father, Pepin the Short, was Mayor of the Palace to king, who ruled over the Frankish kingdom for fifteen years until his death in October 768 AD. When his father died, the Franks placed the two brothers, Charlemagne and Carloman, to take over their father’s place; however, in 771 AD, Carloman died of disease and Charlemagne was immediately appointed as the sole ruler of the Franks. Consequently, Charlemagne impressed everyone with his military intelligence, leading and conquering many wars and territories, leading to the expansion of his envisioned city. In 772 AD, he makes his first attempt in raiding the Saxons, which was a huge success and in 774 AD, he also conquers Lombardy and becomes King of the Lombards. Charlemagne makes a pilgrimage to Rome in 781 AD, and during this time, he meets a man named Alcuin, whom Charlemagne brought back to his palace to promote him as the head of “Charlemagne’s Palace School at Aachen.” All in all, Charlemagne has proved to be an important leader who unified Western Europe through the encouragement of education, rebuilding Western Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire, and building a strong relationship between Pope Leo III and himself, thus…

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